New Home for Abanca in Madrid

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New Home for Abanca in Madrid


Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez: The building

The building

Abanca has acquired a building in Madrid to concentrate its activities and employees in the capital of Spain. The building is a unique construction located in an area of 3,700 square meters distributed over ten floors, including below ground. The property is located in Paseo de Recoletos 4.

This property has been fully renovated after having a life that started late last century and it has been entirely renovated this year with the provision of the most advanced technological resources. Its facilities host areas and employees who, until now, were located in different centers in the city of Madrid.

Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez: Signing the agreement

Signing the agreement

The acquisition of this new building is part of the development strategy of the company and it means “improved efficiency” for Abanca, as highlighted by the organization in a statement to MUNDIARIO.

Other actions. In recent months, the institution whose vice-president is the businessman Juan Carlos Escotet has put a nationwide commercial strategy based on a wide range of products, in boosting its digital strategy and the redistribution of its physical network in place.

Moreover, this week Abanca and the Fundación Clúster de Conservación de Productos del Mar have signed a partnership with the aim of promoting, through various activities, entrepreneurship in the business related to seafood.

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