Waiting for ABANCA’s Results of 2015

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Waiting for ABANCA’s Results of 2015



Next Tuesday, February 23, at 12.00, Juan Carlos Escotet, vice president of Abanca, Francisco Botas, managing director of the bank, and Alberto de Francisco, chief financial officer will present the results for the year 2015 in the Centro Social de Abanca in Santiago de Compostela. People can follow this presentation by streaming in the communication website of the bank. Those who want to ask any questions during the presentation should send them to the email address comunicacion@abanca.com.

Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez: The team

The team

It is important to remember that two months ago, Juan Carlos Escotet told to EFE Caracas that the Galician bank will close the year with about 9 percent return on equity, which puts Abanca in the top three of the Spanish banking system.

Juan Carlos Escotet also stressed that the 18 months of the bank have been very demanding, but the support and generosity of Galicia have demonstrated that the people know and appreciate the effort.

He also mentioned the importance of their workers who are giving their best effort and work to precisely get that love and trust people had before to the Galician banks and that now grows on Abanca’s hands.

Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez: Effort and work

Effort and work

Finally, Juan Carlos Escotet said they are “delighted” with the results achieved by the new bank since its launch 18 months ago.

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