Juan Carlos Escotet Rodr├¡guez – Work of ABANCA in Madrid

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Juan Carlos Escotet Rodr├¡guez – Work of ABANCA in Madrid



Abanca inaugurated its new corporate headquarters in Madrid, Spain, a center with which the Galician financial institution enhances its digital transformation and fosters a new agile, flexible and collaborative way of working.

The new headquarters, which has an area of 3,700 square meters, five levels: the lower floor, basements, and garages, services will concentrate Abanca employees in the capital of the country. On the -1 level the commercial office and the business center is located at the lower level. The building also has a space for markets with the aim of strengthening the areas of Treasury, Distribution and Capital Markets of the bank.

Juan Carlos Escotet - Takes over Madrid

Juan Carlos Escotet – New building in Madrid

Spaces for employees are concentrated between the first and fourth floors. According to Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez, vice-president of the financial institution, the intention was to capture the whole project of the bank in this new building, as well as their way of doing things and interact with customers through a simple concept that the staff deeply understands and defines as open. Open in a sense of space, open to their customers, open to face the future, digitization, efficiency, modernization, and specialization.

The building is equipped with the most advanced technological means and an interior architecture that gives an important place to open and functional spaces with no principal offices, with criteria of efficiency and environmental sustainability. Thanks to the most innovative technological resources, each employee can choose his/her workspace at all times according to their needs and will be permanently connected via mobile devices.


The new headquarters has already been rated as ÔÇ£Very goodÔÇØ by the BREEAM International seal of qualifying projects which evaluates these types of projects from an environmental point of view and sustainability.

With this new building, Abanca wants to promote a substantial change in the way people work in the institution, through environments that promote flexibility, with more collaborative spaces and agile decision making. This transformation is expected to be gradually extended to other branches of the bank.

Juan Carlos Escotet - Abanca in Madrird

Juan Carlos Escotet – Inside the building

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