Juan Carlos Escotet Rodrí­guez speech at the opening of Point of Service at Televen

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Juan Carlos Escotet Rodrí­guez speech at the opening of Point of Service at Televen



Wednesday December 11, 2007.

Good afternoon,

Today we are gathered around an occasion that has not one but many meanings: the opening of a new Banesco’s point of service in the metropolitan area of Caracas. As people who work in organizations, I am sure we all understand the satisfaction that this new step produces. For us it is like having a new program put to air, like having achieved a new project which crystallized successfully.

But, and this is really something I want to communicate clearly, over the years, associated with this, are a series of emotional factors and shared experiences, which for me are vital and I cannot forget to mention: I am referring to the strong, old and formidable ties that bind me to Televen and two generations of the Camero family.

And because of those ties, which are so strong in my heart, I beg you not to see me as a visitor, but as someone who is part of this house. Moreover, I must confess here that I feel like I’m in a place that, somehow, is part of my learning, my more meaningful personal and professional experiences.

Next to Don Omar, my dear Don Omar Camero, there is much that I have known, learned and meditated. Knowing him, talking to him, asking and listening, suggesting and receiving the echo of his thoughts has been for me an immense source of knowledge, but also a way to always be close, because what you may not know, Don Omar, and that maybe I haven’t explained as clearly as in this ceremony, is that I am, and I’m sure not the only one, of those who always carry the flavor, measurement and deep reference setting of your words.

It happens, and it is possible that to each of you too, that, when thinking in solving complex problems, making decisions that will have far reaching impacts, resolving issues that arise suddenly, one, consciously or not, always thinks of two or three people whose example considers relevant, and silently wonders what I would say, think, how would you or someone else in my admiration and trust, do this?

Well I, before all these witnesses, want to let you know Don Omar Camero, that you’re one of those people whom I think when reality becomes more demanding.

And because all that, I feel bound to the fate of this company, as I am closely related to each of their children who are like brothers to me, and that is why I cannot divest myself of the success that Televen has now and will have in the coming years.

I think Banesco and Televen are united in the dedication and commitment to our work. Our ability to learn, to listen to our country, our market and engage with the reality that surrounds us every minute. We share a deep and renewed sense of coexistence in diversity, and this, Don Omar, and friends who accompany us, is invaluable.

We have grown with Televen: we have a tie to a time, sharing a beating story, moments of difficulty and growth, makes us like a will to fight that has not ceased for one minute over our lives. And fundamentally, we are proud to have had and continue exhibiting with our key customers to this house, which is an example of a family business that has managed to meet the challenges of the new management and competition in times that demand the best from each one of us .

We came here with the best of our Organization. We opened here a new point of service in addition to the more than 420 that have been made available to our customers across the country. We have always been known for innovation and the quality of service, under standards that have been recognized inside and outside Venezuela. Is that the level of quality that we have to offer at any time, in order to respond to the initiatives, projects and dreams of progress, of this company, every one of you and your families.

As I have said in other parts, Banesco, apart from a bank is an organization of values. Because there are so many ties that honor us our obligation to give the best to you increases. We are grateful that you have opened the doors and have given us the confidence to give us a place among you.

Over the years, Televen has managed from the private sector, to create a space for dialogue that promotes coexistence between the new values of society and productive actors. We are determined to become exponents of best practices and highest standards of Corporate Social Responsibility.

But not only that. We also want to be an organization of alliances. Respectful relationships. Of outstretched hands. Ongoing attention.

We want to be people who listen, who support, celebrate, promote and give their best. We are like you. So we are happy to be here and inside. To make good the desire to work every day together and go further for the sake of Venezuela.

Many Thanks

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