Juan Carlos Escotet Rodr├¡guez – Social Media Excellence at TodoTicket

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Juan Carlos Escotet Rodr├¡guez – Social Media Excellence at TodoTicket



TodoTicket Venezuela, an institution specialized in the administration and management of social benefits, has handled more than 800 cases through its social networks Facebook and Twitter.

With the aim of providing excellent service to its customers, TodoTicket offers its social networks to beneficiaries as a service channel to solve possible doubts, as well as offering assistance in case any issues may arise with their products.

Facebook is the favorite social media of customers from the 800 cases attended, as their followers made product inquiries, account balances, Unlocking Cards and general information, which are solved in less than 30 minutes with full effectiveness.

Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez - Todo Ticket accounts

Juan Carlos Escotet Rodr├¡guez – Follow Todo Ticket

@TodoTicketVzla, the official Twitter account of TodoTicket, has more than 60,000 followers. The organization tweets information of interest and it remains fully active and ready to attend any concerns of its followers with a prompt response. On average, the account serves more than 60 cases per month.

Patricia Riera, the general manager of TodoTicket, said that social networks have become an excellent service channel. She added that the institution considers essential the effectiveness of their services channels since they have become a new window through which they try to solve concerns and requirements of their customers.

About TodoTicket

Ranking among the top companies administering social benefits, TodoTicket has a great extensive portfolio of security products for the Venezuelan population brought with commitment and dedication from all its employees.

According to Patricia Riera, the company has been managed to grow and improve consistently over the past nine years and today, more than ever, itÔÇÖs committed to its customers, its employees and the country. Riera also emphasized about how the institution understands the needs of the people and, therefore, TodoTicket is continually in progress by offering innovative products that reach the highest standards of quality.

– Juan Carlos Escotet Rodr├¡guez

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