Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez – ABANCA Restoratores and Protects Art

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Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez – ABANCA Restoratores and Protects Art



Abanca accepted another excellent challenge, this time, dedicated to the protection and restoration of the mural “Vista de A Coruña 1669”, created by Urbano Lugrís. The piece of art, located so far at the 74th of the Real street and in a very poor state of conservation, is cataloged and included in the Special Plan for the Protection and Interior Reform (PEPRI for its name in Spanish) and it also has a record for possible declaration as Cultural Interest Assets. The bank faces this responsibility and assumes the corresponding economic cost in its commitment to the preservation and dissemination of Galician cultural heritage.

The aim of Abanca is to give a deep respect to the original context of the work, for this reason, the institution chose that piece of art almost contiguous to the current place. In addition to that, the same orientation and its display as a mural will remain, as a wall in space in which the work will be integrated and recreated. The chosen area to host the Lugrís’ mural also features a rotatable exhibition of other works of Urbano Lugrís Collection of Abanca with a screen that plays a full video of the restoration of the mural. People is allowed to access to the rest of the content of Abanca Collection.

The mural has been removed from its location in recent weeks following special and delicate techniques, with the authorization of the General Directorate of Heritage, which also oversaw the completion of the work. The next steps are dedicated to the transport and installation of the artwork at the new location.

Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez - Restore art

Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez – Spaces of the ABANCA collection

It is also important to highlight that this is not the first time that an extraction and removal process is carried out of a mural of Urbano Lugrís, but in this case, the effort presents a more complex operation because of the dimensions of the artwork (245 x 910 cm).

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