Banesco Increased E-transaction Limit Amounts For All Of Its Clients

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Banesco Increased E-transaction Limit Amounts For All Of Its Clients



Through BanescOnline and Points of Sales, bank clients will be able to pay for up to Bs.S 20.000 and Bs.S 15.000, respectively

Banesco Universal Bank, banking institution presided by Juan Carlos Escotet, announced the increase of the maximum daily amounts for operations made through its electronic channels: BanescOnline, BanescoMóvil, Banesco PagoMovil and Banesco Points of Sale.

Pedro Quintero, executive vice-president of Operations and Channels, pointed out that important investments have been made in order to keep Banesco as the innovation leader when it comes to financial services. “We are pioneers when it comes to betting on the business model of digital transformation, in order to answer the many new needs of our clients,” he said.

He noticed that, through BanescOnline, natural clients will be able to transfer money to third parties, including those who are not Banesco clients, of up to Bs.S 20.000 each day. Likewise, the businessman informed every one of the adjustment made to the daily limit allowed when it comes to purchases made through Points of Sale. The new Bs.S 15.000 amount is available for all Banesco Maestro debit cards.


In the case of Banesco PagoMóvil, an increase of Bs.S 1.000 to the daily limit was announced. The app allows users to send and/or receive money sent from both natural and judicial (small businesses) users, effective immediately and under the highest security standards.

In order to use Banesco PagoMóvil, affiliated users will need to access BanescOnline and modify the corresponding parameters to the new daily limit, the maximum amount of permitted daily transactions and the maximum amount of daily transactions that they think they may do through the app.

On their side, BanescoMóvil (a specialized app created for smartphones and tablets) the banking institution informed that its users (both natural and judicial) will be able to transfer up to a daily limit of Bs.S 1.000 to other banks they are clients of, and to others, both Banesco clients and clients of other banks.

Quintero pointed out that, in order to do any operation through Banesco PagoMóvil and BanescoMóvil, the client must be affiliated to BanescOnline and have an active username and password. They also need devices with data or access to WiFi.


The Operations and Channels vice-president said that the banking institution regularly boosts innovation between its many channels and digital services in order to improve its relationship with clients.

“Beyond offering our clients a chance to better handle their money, we offer them a multitude of ways to fasten, improve and reduce the time of routine transactions,” said Quintero.


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