Banesco Increased Daily Limits in its Digital Platform

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Banesco Increased Daily Limits in its Digital Platform



As part of its commitment to satisfying the needs of its many clients, the 100% Venezuelan banking giant, Banesco Banco Universal / Banesco Universal Bank, announced a new increase in the daily limit to the max amounts of money that can be transferred through its digital banking platform, which includes BanescOnline, Banesco PagoMovil (P2P) and Banesco Points of Sale, all which regularly evolve to be more accommodating in their daily use, no matter the time or place, for the benefit of all of the bank’s clients.

In the case of BanescOnline, the main digital channel available for the bank’s clients to make daily money transfers, the new maximum amount of daily money transfers clients can make to other Banesco clients has increased to 160.000 Bolívares Soberanos, starting November 15, 2018.

Meanwhile, the maximum daily amount that can be transferred to clients of other Banks increased to up to 80.000 Bolívares Soberanos.


Besides, the banking giant announced that, by the end of October 2018, the BanescOnline service grew by 53% when compared to the same period on 2017, thanks to the more than 312million transactions made monthly trough the platform.

Regarding the Banesco Point of Sale services, Banesco reported an increase in the daily limits allowed to Banesco Maestro Debit card users.

The daily limit increased to 60.000 Bolívares Soberanos for Maestro Debit card users, and 70.000 Bolívares Soberanos for Maestro Gold Debit Card users.


In the case the Banesco PagoMovil / Banesco Mobile Payment service, the daily limit increased to up to 10.000 Bolívares Soberanos which can be used to pay or receive payment to and from Banesco itself and all other Venezuelan banking entities under the Interbank Mobile Payment System (P2P). The S.M.S. system increased to up to 100 Bolívares Soberanos back on November 14, 2018.

These new changes will benefit all clients affiliated to Banesco itself, entity which would like to remind all of its clients that, in order to make use of these services and their new increased limits, they must first authorize the increased limits in the official Banesco website.

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