For the second consecutive year Banesco organized a SME meeting

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For the second consecutive year Banesco organized a SME meeting



The financial institution invited 300 of its Small and Medium enterprise segment clients to the “Talking from Entrepreneur to Entrepreneur” gathering at Ciudad Banesco.

With the aim of offering the small and medium entreprises tools for stimulating their productivity and competitiveness in the present environment, Banesco Banco Universal organized and sponsored, for the second consecutive year, the “Talking from Entrepreneur to Entrepreneur” conference, which took place on October 26 at Ciudad Banesco and counted more than 300 guests.

Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Banesco, offered the opening speech. Highlighting the importance of the SME sector in economic development, Escotet Rodrí­guez said that “small and medium enterprises have advantages that are very significant in Venezuela today and will continue to be so in the next few years: their proximity with the communities in all regions of the country; their knowledge of social and cultural realities; their proved capacity for adapting to change; their tenacity and struggling spirit, are admirable and have enabled SMEs, against several adversities, a continued presence and importance everywhere.”

Among the experts present at the meeting was Boris Ackerman, professor at the Simón Bolí­var University and IESA. Ackerman expounded about tools of immediate application for improving the functioning of businesses, through the effective management of collection, payment and inventories, which allow a more efficient money cycle and the reduction of risk, all this with the aim of taking advantage of the opportunities and challenges of the present business environment.

José Fermín, certified coach in Situational Leadership at the Ken Blanchard Companies, exposed about entrepreneurial leadership and offered tools for the auto-evaluation of SME leaders, in order to obtain the best performance of its human capital, getting the best results in innovation and creativity for the future of their businesses.

Finally, Luis Maturín, founding partner of Retail Track “the firts AEM Venezuelan enterprise oriented to the auditing of market strategies”, focused his presentation on the great opportunities that social networks and digital communities offer to the enterprises that capitalize on these global tools.

The content of these lectures can be downloaded from the blog, or through the #foropymebanesco Twitter hashtag, where can also be found answers to the questions of clients and users.

This activity was co-sponsored by Miga’s, Movistar, CIAP, Vapro, Pizza Hut, Café Buondi and Van Eckel.

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