Banesco’s social priorities are education and health

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Banesco’s social priorities are education and health



Regarding our relations with our Social Partners and the community, says Banesco’s Chairman of the Board of Directors, Juan Carlos Escotet Rodriguez, our efforts continue to concentrate on two fundamental hindrances of the Venezuelan society: education and health. During the year 2009 we made contributions of approximately Bs 23 million to these sectors. Our accumulated social investment between 1998 and May 2010 amounts to Bs 163 million.

It is important to note the direct dialogue we are developing with the community of Colinas de Bello Monte in Caracas, where our headquarters, Ciudad Banesco, are located. We have established a criterion that can be considered a model in the Venezuelan business-community relationship: the representatives of the neighborhood are the ones who decide how to invest the resources with which Banesco contributes to their development (participative budget).

On the other hand, we are working towards applying AccountAbility’s AA1000 international standard in the relationship with our stakeholders.
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