ABV Seminar on Financial Inclusion (Part V)

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ABV Seminar on Financial Inclusion (Part V)



Escotet: “The bank is moving towards a vision that becomes an agent of social development”

Visa acknowledged Banesco QoS

In the Awards Program “Performance on the quality of service in 2009,” the Venezuelan entity was recognized in the “lower response times of authorizations”

The multinational for means of payment Visa recognized the performance of Banesco Banco Universal. The Venezuelan financial institution was awarded in the category “lower response times of authorizations” in Program “Performance in terms of quality of service” for the year 2009 and it was announced recently.

Daisy Veliz, executive director of mass segments and channels Banesco reported that Banesco topped the category “lower response times of authorizations”, followed by the Bank of China (China) and ProceCard SA (Dominican Republic). In this classification, Visa recognizes the issuer that responds the best to a request for authorization in the shortest time possible. “The timely response to requests contributes to the satisfaction of both the cardholder and vendor, supporting the brand preference and recognizing Visa as the preferred supplier,” the company said in its verdict.

Veliz considered that the award recognizes the efforts made by the bank in recent years in both the technological adaptation and in the training of its human capital, to maintain high quality standards.

Visa instituted this awards program in 1992 to recognize customers who demonstrate exceptional processing card transactions within the region of the United States. In 2009 the program was expanded to include all domestic and international transactions processed through VisaNet.

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