ABV Seminar on Financial Inclusion (Part III)

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ABV Seminar on Financial Inclusion (Part III)



Escotet: “The bank is moving towards a vision that becomes an agent of social development”

Changing times

“We are on the way to a banking system that opens, leaves the desk and removes its tie, to go in search for the people, families and communities who continue, well into the twenty-first century without even a registered account at a bank, “explained Rodriguez Escotet when illustrating the paradigm shift that was the center of the discussions of the seminar.

According to the presentation by the President of the ABV, the market expanding and reducing costs, the use of new technologies that  reach quickly and efficiently the population outside the banking networks, the growing Internet penetration and the ability to use electronic channels to reach more people, and electronic banking as a means to concrete social policies of governments, are some of the promising opportunities that focused on the event.

The agenda, explained the business leader, is particularly relevant in the host country: “The stated goal in Venezuela today is a bank that can grow into a larger market, and be able to develop attractive products for their potential members. Banking focused on policies, projects and practices of inclusion, is the future, inside as well as outside Venezuela. ”

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