ABV Seminar on Financial Inclusion (Part I)

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ABV Seminar on Financial Inclusion (Part I)



Escotet: “The bank is moving towards a vision that becomes an agent of social development”

In an event that brought together global leaders in the field of banking, the Chairman of the Banking Association of Venezuela noted the global trend of the financial sector to pave the way towards a more open, fair and inclusive. 

ABV Caracas 28/10/2010 – “The popularization of banking services is the best way known so far to incorporate more and more people to the land of the productive economy.”

With these words, the President of the Banking Association of Venezuela, Juan Carlos Rodríguez Escotet, opened the seminar on Financial Inclusion and Social Development, new ways to make banking services available to all, called by the trade union organization and conducted 28 October in Caracas.

“Getting more and more people enter a system offering modern banking and financial services, combating informality; building citizenship through banking, providing access to technologies that improve the quality of life for all system users alike and, from the sum of all these things, to help build a society where everyone has equal opportunities for growth and personal, family and social prosperity are the results that many expect, ” said the union leader during his opening remarks.

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