Risk Assessment Companies Give Baneso the Highest Score

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Risk Assessment Companies Give Baneso the Highest Score


Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez - Banesco in Caracas

Banesco in Caracas

Banesco Banco Universal, leadered by Juan Carlos Escotet, a bank of 100% Venezuelan capital, received the highest score during the first half of 2015 by risk analysis firms that evaluate the performance of banks in Venezuela. Companies such as Faraco y Asociados, Softline Consultores and Fitch Ratings Venezuela reaffirmed the financial strength of Banesco.

Faraco y Asociados, which is one of the most prestigious banking analysis firms in Venezuela, reiterated its AAA qualification to Banesco at the end of the first half of 2015. This value, which is the highest rating awarded by the rating company, recognizes the quality of the financial performance of Banesco. This firm explained that AAA means that the bank is an excellent intermediary in almost all the key aspects of the financial and operational performance.

Softline Consultores gave Banesco the qualification of B1, which is the highest rating among banks in Venezuela. The value “B” applies to financial intermediaries with strong intrinsic financial strength characterized by a good level of capitalization and good loan portfolio and investment. According to the appreciation of Softline Consultores, the financial strength of Banesco would allow the bank to confront identified risks both in the macroeconomic environment and sectoral (legal environment and regulatory framework) without counting with external financial resources. The bank achieves all quantitative requirements established by regulatory agencies.

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