XIV Fundana Auction raised Bs 24.3 million at Banesco City

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XIV Fundana Auction raised Bs 24.3 million at Banesco City



Artists and lovers of the plastic arts supported once again the social initiative to raise funds and guarantee the care of the children who live in the villages: Los Chiquiticos (The little ones).

The XIV auction for the love of art and Venezuelan children, held by Banesco Universal Bank for Fundana managed to raise more than Bs. 24.3 million for a good cause: the care of children and young people who need a home and a family.

These children, attended at the Fundana’s facilities in Macaracuay and San Bernardino are the raison d’être of this annual auction, whose motto for this edition is “Colorea mi Mundo” (Color my World) where 82 artworks by 79 both national and foreign artists were exhibited.

The close relationship of this financial institution chaired by Juan Carlos Escotet alongside the NGO began in 1998, and since 2005, this auction has become part of Banesco’s Social Responsibility and Sustainability Program.


Josefina Fernández, Banesco’s Executive Manager, recognized the invaluable dedication of the Fundana team for “their calmness and human condition.” She also acknowledged all those who have participated in this noble bid, “That allowed us to obtain new resources to rewrite history and color the world of many of ‘Los Chiquiticos whereof will be able to receive the care and attention they well deserve.”

“Once more, we have been privileged to meet for fourteen consecutive years in Banesco City, and being able to witness this display of talent and plastic expertise. This year approximately 150 children benefit, 120 from the village ‘Los Chiquiticos’ and 30 from ‘Colorín Colorado our most recent program and where we provide all the integral attention,” expressed Betzy Aizaga, auction coordinator.

On this occasion, Clementina Mendoza worked as a hammer. “Dinámica Espacial” (Space Dynamics) by the sculptor Rafael Barrios and “Esferas de Puntos” (Pointed Spheres) by Héctor Ramírez were the most sought-after creations, followed by “Color Aditivo Ignacio I” (Ignacio I Additive Color) by Carlos Cruz Diez. “Ávila Seccionado Colgante” (Hanging Sectioned Ávila) by Iván Salgrero Curiel and “Mosco Dormido” (Sleeping Midge) by Oswaldo Vigas.

During fourteen consecutive years, this foundation has given art lovers, collectors and the public in general, the opportunity to acquire art works from renowned artists and emerging talents, who donate their works and their generosity to the benefit of Fundana’s children.

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