Juan Carlos Escotet: What to Know about Loans: Easy Tips to Consider

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Juan Carlos Escotet: What to Know about Loans: Easy Tips to Consider



Loans are borrowing options for those people who need some extra money to manage short or even long term financial responsibilities. Financial institutions or individuals offer loans borrowed at an interest rate that we call an annual percentage rate (APR) and are repaid, usually in monthly installments. Today, Juan Carlos Escotet, leader of Banesco Banco Universal, brings some interesting information about loans as well as some easy and basic considerations and tips in case you are questioning about this economic option.

[Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez]: Previous considerations

Juan Carlos Escotet: Previous considerations

First, ask yourself this question: should I take out a loan? You should know that loans can be handy for those people that really need a large sum of money in a very short time. So, consider that whether you have a financial emergency or want to make repairs to your home, loans are good options, since they give you the flexibility to afford financial responsibilities you are probably unable to meet.

What to know about loans

Before giving that first step, you should learn a little bit about loans. So, please, take a moment and explore, study and make a previous research about some of the tools and resources:

  • About possible promotions on loans: it is great idea if you take some time to explore about promotions on loans offered by different financial institutions across your country.

    [Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez]: Different options offered by Banesco

    Juan Carlos Escotet: Different options offered by Banesco

  • Recommendation for personal loans: If you are not sure about how to find the right loan or if you want to learn how to select the best offers, there is a bunch of great information on this topic all over the Internet in trusted web pages.

  • About loan rates: other good idea is to look up loan rates available in your area from local banks and credit unions or even compare loan rates from other national financial institutions.


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