Juan Carlos Escotet: Three Basic Tips to Protect your Checking Account

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Juan Carlos Escotet: Three Basic Tips to Protect your Checking Account



Many of you probably have most of your paychecks deposited to your checking accounts each pay period. So, it is very common that you then have automatic bill payments set up to pay your bills. And this is super useful since you can set periodic withdrawals from your checking accounts to fund your retirement accounts and maybe your investment accounts. Today, Juan Carlos Escotet, head of Banesco Banco Universal, brings you three basic tips to protect your checking account easily.

Tips from [Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez]

Tips from Juan Carlos Escotet

One first thing we have to consider is that because we rely on our checking accounts so much, it is absolutely vital that we keep our checking accounts safe and secure. So, apart from this first advice, consider the following three tips to help you protect your own checking account.

Leave it at home. One of the best ways to keep your checking account safe is to keep your checkbook safe, and by safe, we refer to home. That means only using your checkbook when you really need to, and keeping it secure in your home when you have no plans to use it. This will help you to resist the temptation of usually keeping your checkbook in your purse .

[Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez]: Review your monthly account statements

Juan Carlos Escotet: Review your monthly account statements

Set up your alerts. Next, one other great way to protect yourself is to have and manage as much information as possible about your account. If your bank offers one checking account with the possibility of alerts, consider setting up those transaction alerts. With these banking alerts, you will receive an email or a text alert every time there is a deposit or withdrawal from your account. This, of course will allow you to know, in real time, if there is any unauthorized activity happening on your account.

About monthly statements. It is also super important to be sure to closely review your monthly account statements as soon as you receive them. Remember that it does not matter whether you receive paper statements or electronic statements; you should look them over as soon as possible.

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