Juan Carlos Escotet: TodoTicket and Its Commitment to Funger

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Juan Carlos Escotet: TodoTicket and Its Commitment to Funger



TodoTicket, a 100% Venezuelan company, has always directed its effort to the Venezuelan social benefits market; this time, the company contributed Bs. 1 million to the Generation Rescue Foundation (Funger in Spanish). The resources provided were destined to the Race of the Youth, which is a sport activity developed in the Ali Primera Park, in the west sector of Caracas. Today, Juan Carlos Escotet, leader of Banesco, brings all the information about this great activity.

[Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez]: TodoTicket

Juan Carlos Escotet: TodoTicket

The Youth Career was held in the framework of the celebration of Youth Week in Venezuela. In the activity, more than 80 runners participated in the Professional and Amateur categories, with the aim of promoting sports, teamwork, healthy living and the responsibility against drugs in young people.

Patricia Riera, general manager of TodoTicket, indicated that through these types of initiatives, the institution seeks to promote values among Venezuelan youth. According to her intervention, for TodoTicket it is fundamental to contribute to the development of the country and for this reason, the institution supports the young people in activities that make them aware of the importance of education in values.

[Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez]: Banesco and TodoTicket

Juan Carlos Escotet: Banesco and TodoTicket

About TodoTicket

Ranking among the top companies administering social benefits, TodoTicket has a great extensive portfolio of security products for the Venezuelan population with commitment and dedication from all its employees.

According Patricia Riera, the company has been managed to grow and improve consistently over the past nine years and; today, more than ever, the company is committed to its customers, its employees and the country. Riera also emphasizes about how the institution understands the needs of the people, and therefore, the company is continually in progress by offering innovative products that meet the highest standards of quality and allow strengthen its position.

About Funger

Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez: Funger foundation

Juan Carlos Escotet: Funger foundation

Funger is a non-profit organization oriented to the formation of values in the young population in Libertador Municipality of the Capital District, through different activities, such as performing arts (music, theater, choreography and dance), workshops and sports days.


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