Juan Carlos Escotet | Banesco Presentes The Exhibition “A New Art Country” in the InterContinental Tamanaco Hotel

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Juan Carlos Escotet | Banesco Presentes The Exhibition “A New Art Country” in the InterContinental Tamanaco Hotel



Photographs of 25 contemporary Venezuelan artists and its works are present in this work publised in a digital book bearing the same name

Banesco Banco Universal, the financial institution led by Juan Carlos Escotet, inaugurated the photo exhibition Nuevo País de las Artes in the Hotel Tamanaco InterContinental gallery in which until 1st June the public will enjoy a photograph sample that portray the stories of 25 Venezuelan plastic artists.

The exhibition gathers artists from various disciplines: painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, new languages, installations, performances, and land-art artists. The emerging young artists born between 1975 and 1990 included in this exhibition are: Lucía Pizzani, Starsky Brines, Nayarí Castillo, Suwon Lee, Esmelyn Miranda, Leonardo Nieves, José Vivenes, Daniel Medina, Christian Vinck, Juan Pablo Garza, Érika Ordosgoitti, Paul Parrella, María Virginia Pineda, Ana Alenso, Sol Calero, Miguel Braceli, Iván Candeo, Conrado Pittari, Armando Ruiz, Florencia Alvarado, Oscar Abraham Pabón, Camilo Barboza, Armando Rosales, Raily Yance y Luis Mata.

Carmen Araujo, member of the selection committee of the artists, highlighted:

“The important contribution that this book gives is getting to know this new generation of plastic artists who are chraracters who are engaged in developping a work, artists who have a solid career with a study and research as well as coherence in their work.”


Esmelyn Miranda stated that her creative formation was related to her close relationship with Valencia’s culture, the Asociación de Aristas Plásticos, and the Ateneo de Valencia. Participating in this book meant a lot of emotion for her and even more when she knew she would share her story with artists she has always admired and with whom she is great friends. “ The book is a little party where we share with those who from 10 years ago expose in various spaces of the country. It is an opportunity that I personally enjoyed and it is a great responsibility sharing my experience in these troubled times that challenge us to stay and keep working,” she stated.

“With the collection faces of the future, dedicated to collect and document the lfe and work of the new cultural talents of Venezuela, that is part of the book, we wanted to make a journey through the life of young Venezuelans who have been recognized in different areas. We have three titlies in these collection: Nuevo País Musical, Nuevo País de las Letras, and the most recent one: Nuevo País de las Artes. This exhibition is a summary of the profiles of 25 plastic artists who have been recognized due to their proposals and that already have a career in the visual arts world. The visitor will enjoy a production of the artist as well as a short synopsis,” stateed Norberto J. Méndez, Vice-President of Communications and Enterprise Social Reponsibility of Banesco.

The digital publication of Nuevo País de las Artes, 3rd work of “Los Rostros del Futuro” had the coordination regarding edition and compilation of Antonio López Ortega. The selection of the 25 artists was made via a committee of 20 specialists among critics, curators, researchers, museologists, gallerists, and promotors. The executive production was on the hands of Fundación ArtesanoGroup.

Under the work of curators Pietro Daprano and Carmen Julieta Centeno, the publication bears 566 pages. Each artist is presented via an interview among a photo shoot. Fifty professionals (journalists, and phographers with experience in cultural processes) worked with the artists in order to enrich the final result and to consolidate a collective dialogue where each voice would show itself in an unique way.

The exhibition will be open to the public from Monday to Sunday until 1st July in the spaces of Hotel Tamanaco Intercontinental Gallery.

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