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Banesco Digital Library, a Vault For Stories



Banesco Banca Universal stands out as an institution that goes above and beyond what is expected of a common bank – it has become a safe place for a number of heritages, cultures and talents, all which can find in the bank a place where to display themselves and grow. An example of this is the Banesco Digital Library, which is part of the bank’s Business Social Responsibility program, and endeavors to safe keep all the stories born in the Fondo Editorial Banesco / Banesco Editorial Fund, so they can always be available for anyone with an interest, as well as the curious and critical eyes of thousands of Venezuelans who seek to grow through reading.

Despite the large number of themes covered in the repository’s archives, an effort has been made to organize them all into seven groups:

Heritage: A collection of anecdotes dating from the start of our history to the present date, including many variants and changes, as expressed by artists, writers, history experts and scholars, which integrate evolution from an inspiring perspective on the many valuable heritages that were created, fought over, changed and sustained to create today’s Venezuela.

Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez: Banesco contributing to noble initiatives

Words for Venezuela: A moving collection of messages directed to Venezuela from the thousands of people who experience everything that happens in the country from different perspectives, both beautiful and dark, alongside lessons learned on the way. These include messages from important figures who have seen these changes happen, such as economists, writers, Nobel-prize winners and ex-presidents, all leave their mark.

Journalism: Created to be the largest investigative journalism tool in the many different areas and genres of journalism, the library takes pride in being the first and only one in its type, preserving the most important events in our country, from the hands of the people who experienced them, and curated by the profession’s critical eye.

People who teach: A collection of tales, stories and achievements of both people and institutions who fight for a better education in our country, from all levels and areas of society. Humility, solidarity and learning are the main values that color these causes, now archived for posterity.

The country and its people: A picture is worth a thousand words, which is why this collection makes available for all attendees a large amount of photos taken by Venezuelans, covering a number of subjects all relating to our country. This way, people can experience life in our streets through their computers.

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