Documentary “Alfredo Sadel: Ese Cantor” at Ciudad Banesco

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Documentary “Alfredo Sadel: Ese Cantor” at Ciudad Banesco



Celebrating the singer’s anniversary

On the occasion of the 86th anniversary of the birth of Alfredo Sadel, this last Sunday, February 28th, Ciudad Banesco had the idea of presenting the documentary Alfredo Sadel: Ese cantor, which is a filming piece dedicated to the life of the Venezuelan singer, Alfredo Sadel. The appointment was last Sunday at 10:30 am at the headquarters of Banesco Banco Universal, located in Bello Monte, Caracas.

The Special Edition of the documentary Alfredo Sadel: Ese cantor contains an additional 25 minutes of deleted scenes from the film, directed by the journalist and filmmaker Alfredo Sánchez, who is the singer’s son.

Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez: Alfredo Sadel

Alfredo Sadel

Additional information

It is important to know that this documentary was also the winner of the Quality Award of the National Film Center of Venezuela. The documentary also has been seen by thousands of viewers since its release, who have already taken the piece as a cult film for its great significance to the Venezuelan music history.

Alfredo Sadel: Ese cantor shows details of the singer provided by famous artists such as Plácido Domingo, Celia Cruz, Simón Díaz and other major national and international artists, protagonists of the film, who talk about unknown aspects of the singer’s life and stories never before revealed about the great Venezuelan idol. In the case of this tribute, thought by Banesco, in Ciudad Banesco the audience saw on the big screen some of the most important presentations of Alfredo Sadel on the American television showing the singer, at the height of his career, being the first Venezuelan in Hollywood hired by the Metro Goldwyn Mayer.

At the same time, the Venezuelan National Assembly has announced that will honor Alfredo Sadel with the creation of the National Singer Day on the date of his birth, on 22th February.

Picture provided by the artist's webpage

Picture provided by the artist’s webpage

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