Credit Portfolio of Banesco Led Private Banks in August

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Credit Portfolio of Banesco Led Private Banks in August



Banesco led private banks in other categories such as total assets (Bs. 567.61 billion), third-party managed resources (Bs. 522.27 billion) and deposits from the public (Bs. 505.64 billion). Banesco Banco Universal, an institution of 100% Venezuelan capital, closed August with a gross loan portfolio of Bs. 289.9 billion, the highest amount among private banks in the Venezuelan banking system.

The bank, leaded by Juan Carlos Escotet, has more than 6 million customers in the country and generates over 11,400 direct jobs. The bank also reported 96.45% growth in its loan portfolio compared to August 2014.

The default rate was only 0.18%, 22 percentage points below the system average (0.40%). In the case of microcredit, Banesco again led all Venezuelan banks with a balance of Bs. 13.82 billion.

Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez: Banesco


In its continued support to the productive sectors, Banesco reported the following results in the targeted portfolios:

┬À Credit to manufacturing: B 20.76 billion.

┬À Loans to agriculture sector: B 39.66 billion.

┬À Credits for tourism: Bs. 5.46 billion.

In August 2015, Banesco remained the leader of the Venezuelan private banking in the following indicators:

┬À Total Assets: Bs. 567.61 billion.

┬À Resources managed by third parties: Bs. 522.27 billion.

┬À Deposits from the public: Bs. 505.64 billion.

┬À Gross loan portfolio: Bs. 289.9 billion.

┬À Mortgage loans: B 14.34 billion.

Banesco has an integrated service network consisting of 408 service points, 1,510 ATMs and 104,512 point of sale, in addition to its electronic services such as BanescoM├│vil and BanescOnline.

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