BanescoÔÇÖs Points of Sale Receive Immediate Attention by Phone

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BanescoÔÇÖs Points of Sale Receive Immediate Attention by Phone


Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez: Banesco's Point of Sales

Banesco’s Point of Sales

Banesco Banco Universal sets up a Call Center with a specialized team to solve possible problems and requests related to all shops with BanescoÔÇÖs Points of Sale service.

Banesco – leaded by Juan Carlos Escotet – institution with 100% Venezuelan capital, will receive calls with requirements of shops that have Point of Sale. This way, it seeks to provide customers with the maintenance of this equipment and devices and to expedite the resolution of cases. This service is completely free for each shop.

Currently, all users have at their disposal more than 100,000 Banesco Points of sale across the country. Additionally, customers that use this service have technical support through the Call Center by calling in Venezuela at (0212) 501 11 11, option 7.

Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez: Banesco


The vice chairman of Banesco Cards Commerce, Antonio Palermo, explained that if there is a case in which this attention is not enough to solve the situation presented, the requirement will be immediately sent to the solver areas that will help as soon as possible.

Since its implementation, an average of 8,500 calls per month are received, from the total, 78% of call has been solved by this service.

For more information to the public, Banesco implemented an information campaign through its social networking and portal

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