Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez: Digital Innovations at ABANCA

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Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez: Digital Innovations at ABANCA



ABANCA just launched for all its customers Abanca Play, an application that allows immediate payments from any mobile device totally free of charge to national and European banking users.

The director of the Innovation department of ABANCA, Eduardo Aldao, says that Abanca Play is a useful tool, that also is easy to use, with no commissions, and it can perform operations immediately in order to make life easier for the bank’s customers, providing them a fast way to deal with their daily transactions.

Abanca Pay offers payment of up to EUR 150 per transaction, free of charge, to any person, whether the bank, it is just typing a phone number or email. Jorge Blanco, manager of Abanca Payment Systems, expresses that there is no need to ask for the account number to anyone, nor it is necessary to belong to the same entity. With this application,customers can send and receive money from friends or colleagues instantly.

More characteristics

· Easy, free and fast payments

The application designed by the bank is associated with the customer’s online banking account and it allows a payment to a person simply by selecting it on the agenda of her/his mobile contacts, without the need to know any account number or belonging to the same financial entity.

· Financial innovation

One of the mainstays of the ABANCA’s digital strategy is to offer its customers the most innovative financial technology, trying to incorporate the latest developments and market trends. The bank is a pioneer in offering its customers mobile payment with Samsung Pay and considering as a base the identification mark (Touch-id) in mobile banking.

Online banking from everywhereIn addition, for more than 10 years, customers of the bank can withdraw money from ATMs without using the card, thanks to Hal-Cash service, a system that allows the people to send money to any mobile via SMS. The code included in the message can collect money without card in any ATM associated to the system.

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