Juan Carlos Escotet: Personal Banking Thanks to ABANCA

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Juan Carlos Escotet: Personal Banking Thanks to ABANCA



ABANCA has created a specialized unit to serve its clients with a medium-high level of wealth or income and special demands for care and service. This unit, which is called ABANCA Personal, is born from the same philosophy of specialization through which the bank has created divisions such as ABANCA Seguros, ABANCA Mar, ABANCA Agro or ABANCA Consumer Finance. Today, Juan Carlos Escotet, Vice President of the institution, brings you all the information about Abanca Personal and its great benefits for the clients. Keep reading and know more.

About “Abanca Personal”

ABANCA Personal was presented yesterday in Vigo with the presence of Luis Beraza, General Manager of Business Spain of ABANCA, Manuel Nogueira, director of Banking of Individuals, and Mónica Vázquez, director of ABANCA Personal. According the intervention of Luis Beraza, the main goal is to position the bank as a reference entity in this aspect through the combination of exclusive offers and personalized service. In 2016, and with 10.6%, ABANCA was the second financial institution with the highest increase in assets in mutual funds.

More about the exclusive products and services

Among the ABANCA Personal’s catalog, we can find different solutions such as the ABANCA Personal Premium Account, flat rate of securities, financing products in special conditions, and the ABANCA Personal debit and credit card that are going to be launched soon.

Juan Carlos Escotet: Mónica Vázquez: Director of Abanca PersonalIn saving-investment ABANCA Personal is committed to investment funds, pension plans and savings insurance as the best options in the current context of low rates. The entity will shortly launch a guaranteed investment fund that, in addition to guaranteeing 100% of the equity invested and daily liquidity to market value, will have four annual repayments that will imply a periodic income for the client.

In pension plans, clients will enjoy services such as the personalized study tool “My retirement plan”, which will provide the client with information about his/her future pension, and bonuses of up to 4% for extraordinary contributions or transfers.


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