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ABANCA, main sponsor of the Mobile Week Coruña



The bank supports this event under its compromise of bringing digital technology closer to the people and to the industrial market.

The signed agreement guarantees the collaboration of ABANCA with the initiative for a period of four years and it eases the process of celebrating new editions under that time.

ABANCA will be the main private sponsor on the first edition of the Mobile Week Coruña, an event that will take place from November 21st to 28th and that will become numerous spaces of A Coruña, its metropolitan arean and even Santiago de Compostela into forums of reflection about the digital transformation and its impact on the current society.

ABANCA’s IT Information, Processes and Operations’ CEO, José Manuel Valiño; Marketing and Digital Intelligence’s Jorge Mahía; World Mobile Capital’s CEO of Digital Future Society, Esteban Redolfi, Mobile Week Coruña’s Executive Director, Guillermo Taboada and the President of the Conference of Spain’s Dean Education, Carmen Fernández Morante, presented this morning, at ABANCA Innova’s branch on A Coruña, this collaboration.

The bank has made a clear bet on becoming a technological example since its foundation and this sponsorship means a step closer on its willing to bring closer to the people the new technologies, helping as well to reduce the digital lack that currently exists and that it limits the equality of opportunities not only for the individual but also for the industrial matter, specially for PYMES and entrepreneurs.

The agreement of sponsorship that the financial entity and the Club Financiero Atlántico have signed, that collaborates with the Mobile World Capital Barcelona on the organization of this event, materializes the commitment of the bank with this initiative for a period of four years and it offers stability for the organizers to plan new editions of the event on the city over that time.

Active Participation on The Schedule

ABANCA, its social responsibility, Afundación and IESIDE will also have an active presence in some of the many activities that the Mobile Week Coruña schedule includes, specially on the Mobile Week Talks block. On Wednesday, November 21st, ABANCA’s IT Security Manager, Carlos Pérez Saldaña, will participate on the Jornada de Ciberseguridad (Cybersecurity Workshop) #pemesegura.gal that will take place at the Cidade da Cultura de Santiago de Compostela between 9:00 and 14:00 hours.

The Afundación’s headquarter will host on Thursday November 22nd two main proposals focused on education. At 10:30, Julio Cabero’s conference will start, who’s a Universidad de Sevilla’s professor, specialist on educational technology and, following, at 11:00, the debate “El aula del future” (The Classroom of the Future) will begin, in which experts on the matter will talk about the changes that technology and digitalization have provoked on teachers and students. Next day, on Friday November 23rd, IT Information, Processes and Operations’ CEO, José Manuel Valiño will participate on the round table “Revolución digital en el trabajo” (Digital Revolution At Work). On this event, that will take place at Expocoruña, many topics will be discussed, such as the new professional profiles that have appeared because of the technological revolution, the enterrise 4.0, artificial intelligence o the cryptocurrencies. Alongside ABANCA’s CEO, there will be Eva López Barrio, CEO of USC’s Uniemprende, Edita de Lorenzo, engineering doctor of telecommunications, Juan José Delgado, Global Chief Digital Officer at Estrella Galicia, Tomás González Caballero, General Manager of the Asociación Data Economy España association and José Luis Sancho, CEO at Accenture Digital Spain, Portugal and Israel.

Also, at the Mobile Week Talks block, there will be four dynamic talks organized by ABANCA, Afundación and IESIDE under the tittle “Claves del future en la empresa” (Keys for the future at the office). The lectures, given by known experts on the marketing field the innovation or the management such as Idoia de Paz Gómez, Jesús Hernández Ruiz, Álvaro Gómez Vieites or Jaume Gurt will talk about the master lines of the future on the four fundamental fields of every enterprise: the people, the technologies, the clients and the management. The activity will be held at IESIDE, at A Coruña on Monday, November 26th between 18:00 and 20:00 hrs.

ABANCA’s humanoid robot, R4, will be one of the main protagonists on the robotic workshop for children, organized by R Comunicaciones, that will take place on Saturday, November 24th at the CITIC, as part of the Mobile Week Kids. On this activity, the organizers seek to teach the children basic knowledge on robot programming and following, they’ll be given a challenge, so they must develop a simple programming task on a piece of paper that later R4 will have to understand and execute. ABANCA will also be at the closing event on Wednesday, November 28th at 19:00 at Palexco, with an intervention by the managing director, Francisco Botas.

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