Abanca Continues Financing Dreams, This Time With a New Ship in Nueva Pescanova

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Abanca Continues Financing Dreams, This Time With a New Ship in Nueva Pescanova



For Abanca, offering a helping, supporting hand to not only their clients, but also everyone who contributes to the business, has always been a priority. That is why, with no interests beyond helping the community grow, they continue providing the necessary resources for the construction of new projects.

Many have been the projects that Abanca has helped make possible, enjoying the satisfaction of doing their bit to help, gesture that sometimes makes the difference in the realization of new projects. Once again demonstrating their compromise, investment and support with the community, they have now announced their financial support of the construction of what will become the first ship of the new Nueva Pescanova fleet.


The announcement, made through a company press release, announced the “contribution of financial resources for the construction of this first ship, which will aim to boost and support Nueva Pescanova’s production capacities, flagship Galician business venture, and worldwide bench-marker in the fishing business.”

They also added, through an announcement made via Twitter, that the Company is excited about the project.

Abanca is a great financial ally of this maritime-fishing business, as a show of commitment with one of our economy’s strategic areas.”

As expected, the news was met with profound gratitude by all the members of the Project, who consider it an important contribution for the re-activation of naval construction in Galicia, an important are for the local economy.


Abanca pointed out that, “as a whole, the financing of the Galician bank to the naval construction area (financing of shipyards, operators, guarantees, liabilities, confirmations, documentary credits and auxiliary industry) reaches 540 million Euros. During the first four months of 2018, ABANCA’s financing of the naval sector (operators + shipyards) has increased by 11%.

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