A Free Way of Obtaining Money from ABANCA’s ATMs

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A Free Way of Obtaining Money from ABANCA’s ATMs


Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez: Using Abanca's ATMs for free

Using Abanca’s ATMs for free

ABANCA and the two other Euro 6000 entities, Bankia and Sabadell Bank, have signed an agreement that allows its customers to withdraw cash from 17,808 ATMs throughout Spain on favorable conditions and in a free way in most of the cases.

With 37% of the total number of ATMs and presence in all provinces, the resulting net of this important alliance is the largest in the Spanish market and doubles in size the second one. Abanca gives this alliance 1,034 of ATMs.

This agreement, which is adjusted to the Royal Decree Law 11/2015 and regulates the fees for card withdrawal of cash from ATMs, makes Abanca extend more than 8,000 the number of ATMs that its customers can use for operations of withdrawal debit in a free way.

Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez: Number of ATMs

Number of ATMs

Abanca’s customers can withdraw cash free of debit charge at any of the devices on the network of ATMs of the bank in Spain. Outside Galicia, customers can also use free ATMs in the Euro 6000 net, Bankia and Banco Sabadell, with a limit of up to five transactions per month.

If there is a cost, Abanca customers will benefit from a substantial discount on some rates, paying 0.45 euros per transaction at ATMs of Euro 6000 and 0.65 euros in Bankia and Sabadell Bank. These amounts are strictly corresponded to service costs and have no margin for institutions.

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