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IMPORTANT! Banesco: The First Bank in the Top 100 Companies 2016

Banesco Banco Universal, an institution of 100% Venezuelan capital leaded by [Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez], was ranked as the first bank in the country inluded the Top 100 Companies 2016 Ranking, produced by the Venezuela Business magazine, edited by the the Venezuelan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Venamcham in Spanish). Today, [Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez] brings you all the details about this ranking and the participation of Banesco in it. Keep reading and know more.

[Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez]: Banesco, a great bank

[Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez]: Banesco, a great bank

More about Banesco in the ranking

According to the publication, which takes into account the financial income of companies in 2015, Banesco ranked third in the overall list. The Top 3 in the Business Venezuela list was led by companies from three sectors of the economy: a consumer company, a chain of pharmacies and a bank (Banesco). In addition to that, Banesco led again the measurement of the Top 20 in Social Investment, with a budget of Bs. 362.36 million in the same period.

Banesco was also included in other ranking of the study of the Top 100 Companies:

  • Top 20 employers in financial sector companies.
  • Top 20 Productivity.

For the preparation of the 18th Business Venezuela Ranking, 326 companies participated and the management results were recorded at the end of 2015, when all the aspects mentioned before were taken into consideration.

Top 100 Companies 2016 Edition

[Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez]: Top 100 Companies 2016 Edition

[Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez]: Top 100 Companies 2016 Edition

Alberto Herrera B., Coordinator of the processes of data collection, research and analysis of the Top 100 Companies 2016 Edition, commented on this ranking saying that the closing of the difficult year 2015 in the economic, political and social environment is also reflected in the CenAmCham’s current annual research.

Alberto also commented that the development of companies has been directly affected during this period by the contraction of consumption, inflation and the restriction in the liquidation of foreign currency, among other things, which has shown a great challenge for companies to remain in the domestic market . However, the current edition of Top 100 Companies shows its long-running analyzes and financial rankings that have characterized it over time.

[Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez]: Caritas Received Donations from Abanca: Know More about its CSR Actions

Last month Abanca delivered 4,386 toys collected to Cáritas –a Spanish Church organization dedicated to charity and social actions- during the solidarity campaign The illusion grows when shared (“La ilusión crece cuando se comparte” in Spanish) that the Galician financial institution started in order to help the most disadvantaged families this last Christmas. Know more about the donation project and all the details about this Christmas gifts thanks to Abanca.

Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez: More than 4,000 toys donated

Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez: More than 4,000 toys donated

The director of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of Abanca, Tatiana Suárez Cancelo, was in charge of delivering in A Coruña to Paula Lobagueira and Rosa García Vilariño, representatives of Cáritas, the toys received. In Vigo, the territorial director of Abanca, Jorge Martínez, and volunteers of Abanca gave donated toys to the director of Caritas in the city, Gonzalo Dávila.

The toys were donated by the employees of the Galician entity and also by all the people who approached between the 12 and 23 of December to the two authorized premises in Vigo and A Coruña. In addition to that, Abanca made available to all those who wanted to collaborate a joint account number to make their own donations. The money raised through this account went to buy toys.

In 2017, Abanca continues to develop its CSR plans and all the projects thought for this year.

Corporate volunteering

Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez: Volunteering effort

Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez: Volunteering effort

Abanca guarantees the integration and removal of barriers for sensitive groups, and are always committed to all those people at risk of social exclusion. The institution is known for being the axis of awareness of those who are affected by catastrophic situations and all its programs are thought for those people.

During the two weeks that the toy collection campaign lasted, the two premises authorized by Abanca were attended by employees of the financial institution that participate in its Corporate Volunteering program.

In total, 95 volunteers dedicated their time to collect and organize all the toys received. In addition, Caritas volunteers were also attending the premises and participating in the tasks of collecting and organizing the toys.

By [Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez].

IMPORTANT! Banesco Presents Easy Tips to Use your Credit Cards

If used responsibly, a credit card can be a very helpful financial tool for your everyday transactions. Making consistent, on-time payments can help boost your credit rating, and some cards offer more great benefits you probably don’t know yet. Today, Banesco and [Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez] bring all the tips and recommendations for you to start using your credit card responsibly to take advantage of all the benefits it can give to you. Keep reading and discover how!

Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez: Be protected against fraud

Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez: Be protected against fraud

It’s super important to pay your bill every month, even if the only thing you can afford is the minimum payment. Missing a payment could result in a late fee and a higher interest rate.

  • Use your card only for needs

You should use your credit card carefully. Things you don’t really need can lead to debt. Credit cards can be used in emergency situations, such as a mobile phone bill that’s due before your next payday. Think about your credit card as a temporary loan to yourself, and then pay back the amount as soon you can to avoid interest charges.

  • Pay off your balance
Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez: Never skip a payment

Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez: Never skip a payment

It is a good recommendation to pay interest on your credit card purchases by paying the full balance each month. Be brave and make an effort to resist the temptation to spend more than you can pay; this way you’ll see the benefits of using a credit card without interest charges.

  • Be protected against credit card fraud

It’s good to know that there is no foolproof way to prevent all instances of credit card fraud and theft; however, you have the responsibility of adopting a few best practices that can help you to reduce your risk.

In case you are using your credit card to pay all of your purchases, it makes sense to use a card that offers rewards. It’s not only great to avoid paying interest, but you’ll also earn rewards such as cash, airline miles or retail points.

[Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez]: Learn How to Be Safe while Online Banking

As you probably have known, it can be possible to be victim of a bank fraud in many different ways: after a robbery, a criminal can falsify your signature and use your checkbook easily, your debit card can even be used in an ATM before you can block your card or, what is even more dangerous and extremely common, is to be victim of fraud by online banking transactions. Today, [Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez] and Banesco, always taking care of their clients, will talk a little bit about this way of cybercrime for you to be protected and alert if this happens to you some day. Keep reading and learn how to be safe while online banking.

Know the context

Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez: Banesco gives you the tips to be safe

Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez: Banesco gives you the tips to be safe

Some banking institutions dedicate huge part of their time to maintain and update their security systems for their clients to have the minimum risk of falling victim of a hacking attack. Nevertheless, criminals are everyday more and more smart to direct their efforts to particular clients of these online services with the objective of having their personal information and data.

However, representatives in many well-known institutions such as Enfoque Seguro, PCMag or U.S. News are always working hard to help the people in developing different ways to make them feel safer.  Some of their recommendations and tips to protect your bank account are:

  • Do not use the same password for online banking transactions in other less secure sites.
  • Download and install the latest security updates for your operating system.
  • Do not brag about the movements of the money you have made through accounts. That could attract the attention of possible criminals.
  • Configure your security preferences.
  • Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez: Be safe while making your bank transactions

    Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez: Be safe while making your bank transactions

    Do not access the pages of banks by using the web browsers because they can take the client to fake and fraudulent pages. It is recommendable to learn the web address of your bank and write it down directly in the URL space.

  • Try to use a strong password by avoiding compose it with your date of birth, ID number, letters of your full name, etc.
  • Once you have logged into your online banking account, do not leave your computer. When finished operating, exit the app and close the session window.

IMPORTANT! Banesco Presents 4 Easy Tips to Save Money

You already know the situation the world is facing every day regarding money and finances. No matter the country where you live and how your finances are right now, what you have to know –for sure- is that you are capable of turning your financial life around. Of course, it can take some patient and effort to see the results of the first step to star seeing how things move in your favor, however, you should know that this first step is the hardest to take and the most difficult to show good results. Today, Banesco and [Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez] bring all the tips and recommendations for you to start saving money easily and simply. Keep reading and discover how!

Turn it off

Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez: See how much you can save

Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez: See how much you can save

Maybe you don’t believe this, but one of the best ways to start is to drastically cut down on the amount of television you watch every day. The benefits this brings to your money are numerous: less exposure to spending-inducing ads, a lower electric bill, more time to focus on other things in life…

Be creative with gifts instead of buying from the store

If you want to save money during this season, creating DIY gifts is one way to accomplish both generosity with family and friends and saving money. You can see on YouTube a bunch of ideas and all kinds of present creations at home that are easy and inexpensive.

Write a shopping list

Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez: Write your shopping list

Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez: Write your shopping list

One of the easiest ways to save money is to only shop what’s written on the list. Because when you don’t write one, you typically end up making impulse buys and unplanned purchases and all that will cost you much more money.

Repair clothing

Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez: Be smart and think twice

Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez: Be smart and think twice

Avoid tossing out a shirt because of a broken button. Don’t toss out pants because of a hole in them. Most basic sewing jobs can be completed by anyone, and a little bit of practice goes a long way.

By [Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez].

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