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General Information about Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Banesco

Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez: The Creation of Abanca Mar for the Fishing Sector

Last week, in Vigo, the team of the financial institution, Abanca, presented Abanca Mar, a new business unit specializing in the fishing sector. With this new unit, the company offers a specialized and personalized service that will cover the entire value chain of the sea.

That time, the bank made public the new unit within the framework of the International Fair of Products of the Sea (Conxemar in Spanish) to more than a hundred entrepreneurs and industry representatives. During the ceremony, the director of Banca de Pymes y Empresas, Victor Casal Anton, said that Abanca Mar will bring proximity and expertise to the fishing sector, as well as contributing with an integral financial offer to the particularities of the various segments in the sector. The offer goes from the owner shipyard or sailor, the producers’ cooperative and processing industry, to the traders and distributors of the products. Gabriel Gonzalez Eiroa, the Director of Commercial Network, also attended the presentation in Vigo.

Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez: Presenting the new unit

Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez: Presenting the new unit

About Abanca Mar

Abanca Mar will serve the maritime and fishing sector through a proximity network that counts with 160 offices spread in different parts of the Galician coast. Abanca Mar has a team of 235 professionals specialized in the best financial solutions adapted to the characteristics of the fishing sector and its auxiliary industries.

Abanca Mar features a wide range of financial products and services specifically designed to meet the different needs of the sector -working capital, management and financing bills, borrowing short and medium term investment loans, foreign trade, services capital markets, among others-.

Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez: Financial options for the fishing sector

Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez: Financial options for the fishing sector

Javier Fraga Diaz, director of Abanca Mar, highlighted that this new offer has the special Campaign Mar Loan, which is a new product with no interest and special conditions offered to companies and professional funding in the short and medium term to meet the expenses related to the production cycle of activity. Two other differential products offered by Abanca Mar are Confir-Mar, a payment service to providers with financing options for both the employer and its provider and the Naval Mortgage, which is aimed to finance shipbuilding.

Banesco Pays Dividends to Holders of Preferred Shares

Banesco Banco Universal, the financial institution of 100% Venezuelan capital and led by Juan Carlos Escotet, agreed to pay dividends for Bs. 7,382,830.00 to holders of preferred shares corresponding to issuing 2008-I and 2008-II. The payment was approved by Ordinary Shareholders Meeting, held on September 28 this year in the spaces of Ciudad Banesco building, Caracas, Venezuela.

Decisions in the Meeting

Juan Carlos Escotet - Banesco's decisions

Juan Carlos Escotet – Banesco in Caracas

During the mentioned Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting of Banesco, the financial status of the financial institution were discussed, presented and audited by the accounting firm Márquez, Perdomo & Asociados (members of Crowe Horwarth International) as well as the Report of the Board of Directors, both corresponding to the six-month period ended on 30 June 2016. Both documents were approved unanimously. Also, the charges of Juan Carlos Escotet as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bank and Miguel Angel Marcano as Executive Chairman were also confirmed.

In addition to that, a cash dividend was declared for up Bs.7.382.830,00; this amount will be paid to holders of preferred shares, corresponding to emissions 2008-I and 2008-II. According to the minutes of the Meeting, this dividend covers the three-month period expiring on 15.02.2017.

About the Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting

On the same day, the Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting was held in Ciudad Banesco. The shareholders gave their approval to the reduction of share capital of the financial institution in Bs.700.000,00, following the rescue of 70,000 preferred shares made according to the public offering prospectus issuance of preferred shares issuing 2008-I and 2008-I .

Juan Carlos Escotet from Banesco

Juan Carlos Escotet

Other proposals of the Meeting

Finally, an approval was given to the proposal of increasing the share capital of the Bank in Bs.700.000,00 to place it in Bs.,00, by paying a stock dividend by Bs.700.000,00, through the issuance of 70,000 new common shares from the same class, which are not convertible into bearer shares with a nominal value of Bs.10,00 each one.

A New Project for Micro-Entrepreneurs with Banesco and Project 365

Banesco Banco Universal, a financial institution leaded by Juan Carlos Escotet, renewed its alliance with Project 365 Venezuela in order to provide the Training Program for Micro-entrepreneurs in the fashion sector. The intention is to provide managerial, administrative and technological tools to designers of the fashion industry, thus contributing towards the development of the textile industry in Venezuela.

The second cycle of these courses is focusing on promoting the culture of entrepreneurship and innovation in fashion that started the second week of October, and will be extended for five consecutive Mondays at the Institute of Management and Technology (IUGT in Spanish) at the Francisco Solano Lopez Ave. in Sabana Grande, Caracas from 8 am to 5 pm.

Juan Carlos Ecscotet Rodríguez - Banesco 365

Juan Carlos Ecscotet Rodríguez – Programa de microempresarios Banesco

About the program

The Training Program for Micro-entrepreneurs includes modules of leadership, understanding the process of entrepreneurship and identifying entrepreneurial potential and design of a business plan (marketing, communication and brand management, strategic design, technical and operational business model, organizational structure and culture, administrative and financial management, economic evaluation, credit management and financing) as well as modules to learn how to design your own virtual store.

Venezuelan fashion sector

Juan Carlos Ecscotet Rodríguez - Banesco

Juan Carlos Ecscotet Rodríguez -365 Proyect in Venezuela

According to Ana Rios, responsible for alliances Executive Vice President of Communications and CSR Banesco, fashion is an industry that brings great benefits to the national economy, as in many other parts of the world. In recent years, the Venezuelan culture has changed and now, the country appreciates much more the talent of Venezuelan designers. That is why among the Training Program for Micro-entrepreneurs of Banesco and Project 365, the two forces work together to provide training in this sector and raising awareness on the need of professionalization so that this activity can bring much more to the country.

Also, Carolyn Aldana from Project 365 commented that the idea is to seek enterprising, creative, innovative designers. Designers determined to meet the challenges, willing to completely redefine an industry, people that can create a new fashion market. Designers who create the opportunities that still do not exist. According to Carolyn, the objective is to look for original designers with great ideas, unique people willing to grow.

Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez – Work of ABANCA in Madrid

Abanca inaugurated its new corporate headquarters in Madrid, Spain, a center with which the Galician financial institution enhances its digital transformation and fosters a new agile, flexible and collaborative way of working.

The new headquarters, which has an area of 3,700 square meters, five levels: the lower floor, basements, and garages, services will concentrate Abanca employees in the capital of the country. On the -1 level the commercial office and the business center is located at the lower level. The building also has a space for markets with the aim of strengthening the areas of Treasury, Distribution and Capital Markets of the bank.

Juan Carlos Escotet - Takes over Madrid

Juan Carlos Escotet – New building in Madrid

Spaces for employees are concentrated between the first and fourth floors. According to Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez, vice-president of the financial institution, the intention was to capture the whole project of the bank in this new building, as well as their way of doing things and interact with customers through a simple concept that the staff deeply understands and defines as open. Open in a sense of space, open to their customers, open to face the future, digitization, efficiency, modernization, and specialization.

The building is equipped with the most advanced technological means and an interior architecture that gives an important place to open and functional spaces with no principal offices, with criteria of efficiency and environmental sustainability. Thanks to the most innovative technological resources, each employee can choose his/her workspace at all times according to their needs and will be permanently connected via mobile devices.


The new headquarters has already been rated as “Very good” by the BREEAM International seal of qualifying projects which evaluates these types of projects from an environmental point of view and sustainability.

With this new building, Abanca wants to promote a substantial change in the way people work in the institution, through environments that promote flexibility, with more collaborative spaces and agile decision making. This transformation is expected to be gradually extended to other branches of the bank.

Juan Carlos Escotet - Abanca in Madrird

Juan Carlos Escotet – Inside the building

Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez – ABANCA Restoratores and Protects Art

Abanca accepted another excellent challenge, this time, dedicated to the protection and restoration of the mural “Vista de A Coruña 1669”, created by Urbano Lugrís. The piece of art, located so far at the 74th of the Real street and in a very poor state of conservation, is cataloged and included in the Special Plan for the Protection and Interior Reform (PEPRI for its name in Spanish) and it also has a record for possible declaration as Cultural Interest Assets. The bank faces this responsibility and assumes the corresponding economic cost in its commitment to the preservation and dissemination of Galician cultural heritage.

The aim of Abanca is to give a deep respect to the original context of the work, for this reason, the institution chose that piece of art almost contiguous to the current place. In addition to that, the same orientation and its display as a mural will remain, as a wall in space in which the work will be integrated and recreated. The chosen area to host the Lugrís’ mural also features a rotatable exhibition of other works of Urbano Lugrís Collection of Abanca with a screen that plays a full video of the restoration of the mural. People is allowed to access to the rest of the content of Abanca Collection.

The mural has been removed from its location in recent weeks following special and delicate techniques, with the authorization of the General Directorate of Heritage, which also oversaw the completion of the work. The next steps are dedicated to the transport and installation of the artwork at the new location.

Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez - Restore art

Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez – Spaces of the ABANCA collection

It is also important to highlight that this is not the first time that an extraction and removal process is carried out of a mural of Urbano Lugrís, but in this case, the effort presents a more complex operation because of the dimensions of the artwork (245 x 910 cm).

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